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hl skincare

Results you can see and feel.

About hl skincare

HL – Skincare is a cosmeceutical range containing serious anti-aging ingredients and advanced solutions for all skin concerns. HL is offered exclusively in Australia and New Zealand via qualified beauty therapists and here on the HL- Skincare’s official website.

Since its establishment nearly 40 years ago, HL’s statement of belief has been to strive for professionalism and constant innovation. HL’s experience, know-how, scientific research, testing and meticulous production produces products based on active ingredients, visible results and effective solutions for total satisfaction.

We know you are sick of having a cupboard full of products that don’t do what they promise. HL has changed this idea with results you can see and feel.

We launched our distribution of HL at the Every Woman Expo in Perth on Friday 13 June 2014. Over the 3 days we did 72 Mini Facials and every single client loved the the difference they saw in their skin. It was such fun seeing the happiness in women who felt they had finally found a range of products that made a significant difference instantly.

3 ladies came back to the expo the next day with friends just to tell us how good their skin still felt the next day. Some said people had commented on how good their skin looked. As therapists this is the best reward ever; happy clients! HL is a skincare range for everyone who takes anti in anti-aging seriously.